Margo Selby, artist/weaver, brings her unique colour and design sensibility to everything we do, and nowhere is this more showcased than in our rug offering. We think of a rug as being at the intersection of the studio’s practice – rugs are both form and function – an objet d’art and a comforting furnishing that can transform a space. A Margo Selby rug has a distinct style and is created-to-last in the highest quality sustainable materials by technically expert artisans.

We offer a collection of available rugs held in our studio, in addition to our portfolio of made-to-order designs and finally our bespoke service, where we work with a client to create a unique item.

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Canterbury Hand Loom Rug

The Canterbury Rug is a complex design of 12 harmonious colours in a geometric progression.

To realise this design, our artisan weavers have achieved an ambitious feat, pushing the boundaries of the craft. Each Canterbury is handwoven by highly skilled makers on two warp beams that interlace the wool yarns. It is a warp-faced format, more typically used for simple stripes in a limited colour palette – the Canterbury design takes this principle and expands its potential.

The Canterbury Rug, 100% wool on a cotton foundation, is available in 4 formats: Runner; Small, Large and Extra Large.

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The Margo Selby rug collection comprises unique designs that are both beautiful and functional. Our rugs celebrate bold forms and colour combinations, realised in rich, quality materials.

Signature designs emerge from a deep knowledge of weaving processes and techniques. Margo draws inspiration from a broad range of visual references from the architectural to the graphic. Motifs developed on the handloom feed into the rug design process. Our recurring pattern elements: dots, diamonds and stripes, all feature in characteristic colour combinations. Within our team we have a wealth of design experience and rug-making knowledge.

The Margo Selby studio welcomes rug commissions, discover our process.


We work closely and directly with the communities of highly-skilled weavers, tufters and knotters, in long-standing partnerships, and are proud to engage these traditional industries and unite our designs with their craftsmanship. Margo and other members of the studio have frequently visited all the weaving communities we work with in India – where rug production is central to village life and local economies. Our designs are often in response to the characteristics of their specific looms, and the unique skills and innovations of the weavers.

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