Margo Selby is a British artist and designer working with colour and geometric form in woven textiles.

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We love an interior where rich textures and colours are expressed in different fabrics.

The Margo Selby range offers an eclectic series of textiles that work together, balancing light and dark in harmonious, but sometimes surprising, colour combinations.

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Wisley Throw, Suki Cushion, Iona Cushion & Carvetti Flatweave Rug.


Margo Selby’s third fabric collection for Osborne & Little, is a celebration of complex and energetic colour and texture.

The JIVE collection brings together colourful textures, and unmistakable Margo Selby design, in woven fabrics for upholstery and soft-furnishing. 

Inspirations are as diverse as architecture and typography, and always music. Named after the raucous mid twentieth century dance, these structured designs are complex and energetic.

I’ve designed the Jive collection as an eclectic series of textiles that work collectively balancing light and dark, in harmonious but sometimes surprising colour combinations. I’m excited to see how interior designers can bring multiple designs together in one space and really play with the rich textures and colours we have produced.

Margo Selby

Margo Selby for Osborne & Little


Vexillum I, Vexillum II, Vexillum III

Margo Selby’s works are collected and exhibited worldwide. She accepts commissions to make bespoke artworks for site-specific installations.

Each unique loom-woven artwork has thousands of individual strands of yarn – every one of those hand-threaded, counted and re-counted. Margo’s works are painterly, in regard to the optical mixing of pure colour – and sculptural, in the physicality of woven thread as a mode of construction. Formal aesthetics are paramount; colour, shape, orientation, rhythm.

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Art Into Industry

Margo’s guiding principle for her practice is ‘Art Into Industry’; alongside her handweaving, she continues to oversee the work of the Margo Selby textile design studio with industry partners for the production of a wide range of textile applications.

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Rag + Bone

Margo Selby Studio is proud to present our British produced sustainable wool textile project: Rag + Bone.

40% of the yarns in the Rag + Bone textiles are made from recycled jumpers. The Rag + Bone fabrics have been conceived very-much like expanded artworks, in tandem with Margo’s handwoven framed wall pieces. The ethos of our studio is Art-Into-Industry, and the Rag + Bone collection embodies this.

Shop Collection

Iona, Lismore & Skye Cushions

Weaving for Vexillum

A short film made in preparation for Collect 2020, providing an insight into Margo’s handweaving process.

Collect is the Crafts Council's International Art Fair for Modern Craft + Design, held annually at Somerset House in London. Margo was the recipient of the Collect Open Award 2020, for her triptych installation Vexillum.

Created by independent filmmaker Phil Miller, with original music by Peter Coyte.

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Margo Selby, artist/weaver, brings her unique colour and design sensibility to everything we do, and nowhere is this more showcased than in our rug offering. We think of a rug as being at the intersection of the studio’s practice – rugs are both form and function – an objet d’art and a comforting furnishing that can transform a space. A Margo Selby rug has a distinct style and is created-to-last in the highest quality sustainable materials by technically expert artisans.

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