Margo Selby is an artist working with colour and geometric form. Her handwoven artworks are made on dobby looms, and commissioned, exhibited and collected worldwide.

Margo’s works are painterly, regarding the optical mixing of pure colour – and sculptural, in that they are constructed. The colour becomes integral to the piece, as the threads are assembled in layers; colour and structure unite. 

Margo takes inspiration from visual culture: typography; hand-crafted textiles; and architecture – and connects to the modernist tradition of constructivist art.

Handwoven Geometric Art | 88 Gallery

A selection of Margo's new Carré handwoven artworks alongside Vexillum IV are on display at 88 Gallery on Pimlico Road in London.

Art + Design:

88 Gallery London focuses on mid-century to contemporary art, interior design and furniture – a fantastic context to showcase Margo’s artwork. The leitmotivs of Erik Mullendorff, the gallery owner, are authenticity and originality. He has published on twentieth-century cabinet making in the Furniture History Society Journal and serves on the vetting committees of several international fairs.

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Nexus Building Installation | Vexillum I, Vexillum II, Vexillum III


Margo Selby is often commissioned by private individuals, galleries, architects, interior designers and cultural institutions. The studio is happy to hear from you if you would like to propose a project or commission a work of any size.

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All of Margo Selby’s artworks are handwoven on dobby looms using traditional techniques, in a variety of yarns. Weaving is systematic and precise as a discipline, and methodical as a practice.

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