Bespoke Service

Commissioning A Bespoke Rug

Margo Selby Studio bespoke rug-making service; produces expertly crafted pieces, for domestic and commercial projects. Working in close consultation with a client, we develop a brief with detailed specifications: function, colour; design; size; shape; weaving technique and materials. 

We work in long-term partnership with a select group of the world’s best rug makers, and use the finest quality materials and techniques including hand-knotting, hand-tufting and flatweave methods. Margo’s technical expertise in weaving is central to each design development, in tandem with her sensibility for colour and form.

We welcome all enquiries for prospective bespoke rug projects, from private individuals, interior designers or institutions – domestic settings to large-scale interiors projects and hotels.

Producing A Bespoke Rug

To realise our designs, Margo has developed a signature colour pallete; additionally we are able to colour-match specific requests using the internationally recognised ARS system.

Various samples are available to view in our studio; clients are welcome to make an appointment for a rug consultation in person or online.

The materials that go into weaving a Margo Selby rug are as important as the design and workmanship. We work with each client to select the most suitable materials for each projects requirements, and client preferences.

Within our team we have a wealth of design experience and rug-making knowledge. Clients are invited to review our extensive portfolio as a starting point for bespoke projects.

Lead times:
Hand Knotted |18-22 weeks
Hand Tufted | 16-20 weeks
Flatweave | 16-20 weeks