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Pushing the Boundaries

Margo Selby Studio strives to celebrate the complexities and possibilities of woven textile design.

Margo Selby is a British artist and designer working in woven textiles. Her work is characterised by its geometric construction in colour and sits at the intersection of art, craft and design. Alongside her handwoven art practice, Margo oversees the work of the Margo Selby Studio designing for industry partners and the production of a wide range of textile applications.


Margo takes inspiration from the contemporary visual world: graphic design, typography, hand-crafted textiles and architecture; all precision disciplines. Margo’s approach is experimental, yet weaving is an extremely methodical practice – it is those boundaries that we push. We are dynamic and agile – anything is possible!

Painting With Yarn

Colour is the impetus of Margo’s work – the effects of colours in combination, the relationship between colour and woven thread and the impact of colour in design. In 2021 Margo was awarded the prestigious Turner Medal of the Colour Group (GB) for ‘Britain’s Greatest Colourist’, acknowledging her as an innovative practitioner.

Weaving Studio

Handweaving is central to Margo’s practice, and to the studio. We have 3 dobby looms, and several floor and table looms which Margo teaches on; the rhythmical sound and physical action of weaving is a constant presence. The studio as a whole combines many years of making experience and technical expertise. We are proud to celebrate, preserve and sustain traditional practices in weaving.

Ethics + Sustainability

As a studio, we are thoughtful in our approach to production, in terms of ethics and sustainability. In a circular exchange, we take guidance, and in turn challenge our suppliers. We endeavour to interrogate all of our materials, processes and systems, to achieve greater levels of ethical sustainability across our business.


Margo and the studio collaborate with a range of industry partners and other creative practitioners; a core value of ours. We love to work with other creative people to develop ideas together, bringing our experience of design sensibility. It is always so fruitful to engage with another maker's specific expertise in production or application.