I use thread to create abstract geometric artworks that explore repetition and transition, symmetry and asymmetry, the dynamic and the stable. I draw influence from the visual world around me: architectural forms; graphic design; pattern, scale and colour combinations. Colour is the driving force behind my work. I enjoy the infinite effects of many subtle hues and tones that can be explored when blending from one colour to another.

I’m interested in the relationship between myself and the machine, hand and industry, craft and technology. The loom, and the disciplined nature of weaving as a practice, provides boundaries and constraints which can be tested. The orderly nature of the craft of weaving is reflected in the developing designs of the artworks. I am satisfied by rhythmic and uniform repetition – where each element of a composition is changed in a methodical progression.

Margo Selby


Margo Selby is a British textile artist and designer of woven textiles working with colour and geometric form. She studied at Chelsea College and the RCA, graduating in 2001. Margo has established an expansive approach to working in textiles – across art, design and industry. Margo’s practice as a weaver is at the heart of all of the studio projects.. Throughout her work, Margo explores the relationship between man and machine, hand and industry, craft and technology.

Colour is the impetus of Margo’s work – the effects of colours in combination – the relationship between colour and woven thread – and the impact of colour in a design. Although Margo’s approach is experimental, weaving is an extremely methodical practice. There is a close affinity between Margo’s weaving, graphic design and architecture, in that they are all precision disciplines. Her approach to colour has been recognised in 2021 with the award of the Turner Medal for Britain’s Greatest Colourist.

Selected Exhibitions

2023 – Collect, Cynthia Corbett Gallery, London.
2022 – Young Masters, Cynthia Corbett Gallery, London.
2022 – London Craft Week, 88 Gallery, London.
2022 – Christopher Farr, King’s Road, London.
2022 – London Art Fair with Contemporary Applied Arts, London
2022 – Collect, Design-Nation, Somerset House, London.
2021 – The Open, Turner Contemporary, Margate.
2021 – Aperture, solo show, The Corn Hall, Diss.
2021 – StArt, The Oxmarket Gallery, Chichester.
2020 – Zest, Contemporary Applied Art, London.
2020 – Tessellation, solo show, Turner Contemporary Café, Margate.
2020 – Vexillum, UK Crafts Council, Collect Open, Somerset House, London.
2020 – Blanket Coverage, Llantarnam Grange Arts Centre, Cwmbran.
2020 – Curriculum Room: Life in Colour, The Conservatory, New York.
2019 – The Future of Craft, London Craft Week, OXO Tower, London.
2019 – Under Your Feet, Ruthin Craft Centre, Ruthin.
2018 – Windows Into Still Lives, Contemporary Applied Art, London.
2017 – Pick by Pick, solo show, Rochester Art Gallery / Huguenot Museum.
2017 – The Makery, Liberty, London.
2017 – Marks + Tools, Design-Nation for London Craft Week, OXO Tower, London.
2014 – Crafted: Makers of the Exceptional, Walpole Crafted, Royal Academy, London.
2012 – Beauty is the First Test, Pumphouse Gallery, London, and tour.

Art Representation: Cynthia Corbett Gallery