moon landing

Margo Selby at Collect International Fair for Contemporary Craft and Design.

moon landing is a celebration of the mathematical and technical possibilities of weaving and the crossovers of pattern, tone and rhythm found in both music and woven textiles.

Translating sound into textiles 

Working in dialogue with Helen, Margo translates music into textiles. The suspended artwork starts with a linear composition reminiscent of the erratic sound of the ‘Col Legno’  - the clattering of bows at the beginning of the music. To reference the ‘indicator light’ rhythm which beeps within the score, a visual rhythm recurs as if we can see the heartbeat of the astronaut as he ascends to the moon. The palette graduates and changes to follow the progression of the sound as well as the increasing light of the moon. The stripes within the artwork reflect the sections of the music. The abstract blocks which make up the composition move in a stepping motion, reflecting both the way musical notes step between the staves on a sheet of music and the stairwell where the work is situated.

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Image credit | Cristina Schek
Image credit | David Parry PA Media
Stamp Stairs
Test hanging
Margo Selby + Helen Caddick
moon landing planning
On the loom
Weave in progress
Warp preparation - British wool

Cynthia Corbett Gallery

Margo Selby is represented by Cynthia Corbett Gallery. Established in 2004, the gallery is an international nomadic art platform representing emerging and established contemporary artists, with a strong craft orientation to their practice. The Gallery regularly has a shows at Collect, and art fairs globally.

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