Vexillum - Margo Selby x Christopher Farr


Margo Selby has joined forces with Christopher Farr to produce the Vexillum rug – a project at the intersection of Margo’s practice and the embodiment of our tenet ‘Art Into Industry’. The design directly quotes Margo’s handwoven artwork. 

"When I’m designing a rug, I treat the format as my canvas to create a piece of functional art. I am thrilled to be working with Christopher Farr – who I revere as world leaders in the production of handcrafted luxury rugs.”

– Margo Selby

“I have a lot of respect for Margo as a textile expert. Her high level of technical understanding, her prowess as a handweaver, allied to her innate sensibility as an artist is a pretty unbeatable combination. Margo is almost forensic in her colour combinations. It’s not just visual impact, but the colour theory behind the design.”

– Matthew Bourne, Director Christopher Farr 

Margo’s Vexillum series of artworks began as a commissioned installation for the Crafts Council’s annual international fair for contemporary craft and design at London’s Somerset House, and won the COLLECT Open Award 2020.


Lead Time: Made to order by Christopher Farr.
Craftsmanship: Hand Knotted
Pile Composition: Handspun Wool