Underlay + Rug Care

How do I clean my rug?

Vacuum frequently with suction only; rotating brushes may cause damage. As our rugs are made using natural fibres, shedding is to be expected. This will reduce over time, and should not have an impact on the lifespan or performance of your rug.

Immediately blot spills with a clean cloth, do not rub, soak up the liquid using absorbent cloth (e.g kitchen paper, or a towel).

Do not rub a stain. Dilute the stain using a small quantity of warm water, soak up, repeat and allow to dry. Remove any remainders using a white cloth. Dampen with a mixture of warm water and a little ph neutral washing up liquid. For stubborn stains, seek advice from a professional rug cleaner.

For rug clients in the UK, we recommend the service Safe Clean.

Or email us: info@margoselby.com

Do I need underlay?

We advise customers to use a good quality anti-slip underlay. This prevents a rug from creasing and slipping on the floor, whether it is placed on a carpet or a hard surface.

An underlay also increases the longevity of a rug by cushioning it. It protects against transference of dark colours or fibres from the back of the rug onto light coloured flooring or carpet underneath.

Our underlay is suitable for use with underfloor heating.