Hole & Corner: The Nurture Issue

Hole & Corner Selects: Margo Selby

In the pursuit of sharing creativity and craftsmanship, Hole & Corner editor Tamsin Blanchard shares snippets from her visit to Margo’s studio with Matthew Bourne of Christopher Farr rugs in the current Nurture issue.

The accompanying photographs are by Hole & Corner founder and creative director Sam Walton.

Visiting the loom shed

Margo welcomed the Hole & Corner team to her garden studio and loom-shed to introduce them to her weaving practice, show them work on the loom, and designs and products in development.

Of particular focus was our studio’s recent collaboration with rug-making house, Christopher Farr. Hole & Corner captures the conversation between Margo and Matt Bourne (Christopher Farr co-owner) which makes for fascinating reading, as they discuss their respective knowledge and experience in design and weave.

Hole & Corner

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