The Weaving of Rag + Bone

British design and manufacture

The Rag + Bone fabrics have been conceived very-much like expanded artworks, in tandem with Margo’s handwoven framed wall pieces. The ethos of our studio is Art-Into-Industry, and the Rag + Bone collection embodies this.

In developing the designs, we were excited to find a mill, a specialist in sustainable wool, keen and able to produce single-width repeats with an extensive colour palette – this gave our design team extraordinary freedom and flexibility to realise our ideas.

We love to work with exceptional craftspeople, the Scottish mill we settled on is one of the best, with over 75 years and experience in wool weaving.

40% of the wool fibres are recycled yarn from jumpers GRS (Global Recycling Standard Certified) used in the weft of the fabric – made from recycled post-consumer textile waste. The textile waste is gathered into similar batches of colours, shredded back to fibre, combed, and then re-spun into yarn. More-than-ever we are looking to make our work sustainable – wool is a natural, renewable and biodegradable fibre, as well as sumptuous and textural.

“Using lots of warp and weft colours in one fabric repeat is something that we don’t see too much of, going through our looms for meterage fabrics – so it was nice to see the loom and various post-production points filled with colour. The repeat are around 2 metres, on the larger end of the scale for pattern repeats.” – Anna McKinney Stevens

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