London Craft Week 2023

Margo Selby is exhibiting with Contemporary Applied Art for London Craft Week 2023.

The CAA show will be:
Seven - Seven Decades, Seven Makers, Seven Disciplines

To celebrate 75 years of CAA seven makers have been selected, one per discipline represented by CAA.

‘Seven’ features makers Lise Herud Braten, Matthew Paré, Michéle Oberdieck, Marian Ripoll, Claire Malet, Kuniko Maeda and Margo Selby.


Margo Selby
Carré Series, Work 6

Margo Selby
Carré Series, Work 7

The Carré series is Margo’s ode to the square – a primary woven form. An infinite number of variations can be found as the compositions oscillate between dynamism and symmetry. The panels are abstract colour studies of full chroma and desaturation. The modular pattern of intersecting orthogonals recalls the iconography of modernism.

Each composition is designed with extreme precision, each thread counted and placed.

“I use thread to create abstract geometric artworks that explore repetition and transition, symmetry and asymmetry, the dynamic and the stable. I draw influence from the visual world around me: architectural forms; graphic design; pattern, scale and colour combinations. Colour is a driving force behind my work. I enjoy the infinite effects of many subtle hues and tones that can be explored when blending from one colour to another.”
– Margo Selby.

Margo Selby
Margo Selby is an artist and textiles designer working with colour and geometric form. In 2021 Margo was awarded the prestigious bi-annual Turner Medal for Britain’s Greatest Colourist. Margo was the recipient of the Collect Open Award in 2020.

Margo’s work is on display with CAA at LCW 8-14 May 2023, and also available to see at the CAA Gallery at other times:

6 Paddington Street, London, W1U 5QG
020 7620 0086

Contemporary Applied Arts (CAA) is London’s original multidisciplinary applied arts gallery. CAA views their approach as a harmonious dialogue between materials, techniques and diverse approaches. The makers are craft professionals, rigorously selected by a panel of their peers.

Visit CAA throughout London Craft Week, with a late opening on Thursday 11 May until 7pm. Visitors can also meet the minds behind the work on Saturday 13 May during the Meet the Maker event.