Artists Support Pledge – Vexillum Minatures

A series of unique yarn winding artworks by Margo Selby. The 15.3cm x 15.3cm Vexillum Minatures works are committed to the Artist Support Pledge.

"For years I've been winding threads around card and wooden blocks as part of design development. I have never felt ready to sell them, despite people often asking. I have now taken this technique and made this series of miniature artworks with a focus on creating beautiful crafted objects as well as colour and structure studies.

I often work with weave structures that bring colour to the surface of the cloth – the yarn windings enable you to see colour in its pure form." - Margo Selby

These works are created not by weaving on a loom, but through a process of hand-winding yarns around a wooden block. Yarn winding on strips of card has long-been part of Margo’s design process, experimenting with the juxtapositions and proportions of colour – these works take on an ‘object’ quality and are now preserved and elevated in tray frames.

Each unique work is painterly, in regard to the optical interactions of pure colour – and sculptural, due to the physicality of thread as a mode of construction, and their three dimensional form. Each geometric composition is designed with extreme precision, each thread counted and placed.

Artist Support Pledge

British artists Matthew Burrows started the Artist Support Pledge on Instagram, during the pandemic lockdown, as a way to rally communal support amongst artists and help makers through tough times – times are still tough for artists, so we thought it was about time we got involved. The idea is simple: artists who commit to the pledge post images of a work that’s for sale for no more than £220, and each time their sales reach £1,100 they promise to buy another artist’s work for £220. So if you buy one of these pieces, not only will you own a unique artwork by Margo Selby, you will also be supporting an artist that Margo loves.

"Artist Support Pledge is a brilliant initiative – when it was first launched during the pandemic I didn’t have any suitable resolved artworks – my big handwoven artworks can take 6 months to weave, so they are never going to fit into the price bracket. I was also very preoccupied with managing the commercial textile business at that time during a period of unknown. I’m so excited to now be able to take part – and I’m really looking forward to supporting other artists work when I reach the pledge level." - Margo Selby

The Vexillum Minatures for ASP can be ordered online and shipped to anywhere in the world, cost dependent on location. You do not have to do anything more than purchase one of the indicated artworks for us to count towards our Artist Support Pledge – this is our commitment to supporting fellow artists and makers.

Artist Support Pledge is a Not For Profit Company founded by @matthewburrowsstudio